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Part of the mission of Families, Not Felons is to bring plural families out of the shadows so the world can see their light.  I believe one reason that the persecution is tolerable to the general public at large is because they simply fear what they don’t know.  And they don’t know what they don’t know!  If polygamists will come forward so the world can see that they are people much like them, aside from being plurally married, they would have nothing to fear and they would not stand for the persecution.  Right now, who can really blame them when what is highlighted in the media is the abuse and fraud?  Let’s show the world a different side of things!

You can share your story publicly, with your name attached.  Or you can share your story anonymously if you’re still feeling a little bit gun-shy mixed with bravery!  We are hoping that many families and individuals of plural families will come forward publicly and be willing to be interviewed.  If you are feeling really brave, you can do a video interview.  But you can also do an audio or even just a written interview ~ using your real name or remaining anonymous.  The important thing right now is to get plural family stories out there.

Please consider it.  Pray about it.  Let’s make history together!  The time is ripe.